Results Tree Report Item

The results tree provides overall statistics for each container or request in the form of a tree.

Results Tree Report Item

Several metrics are available, please report to the Hit Metrics Availability tree.


When displaying statistics for HTTP requests, you may have two rows for each request if you selected Download Resources in your Virtual User.

  • A row that displays statistics for the HTTP request itself:
  • A row that displays statistics for all the HTTP request resources (Images, scripts, CSS files, etc.):

Edit a Column

To customize a specific column, please refer to the documentation page about the legend and metrics.

Insertion panel

When inserting a new Results Tree in your report, the following panel is displayed to help you quickly select metrics and apply filters to the whole tree:

Results Tree Customization

The Metrics input lets you select which metrics are displayed (one column for each metric).

The following filters are applied to every column of the tree:

  • Location: Select the region to get statistics from this region only,
  • User profile: Select a specific user profile,

Click on the Save button to apply the modifications or on the Close button to keep the original report item (it is still inserted but your modifications are not applied).


Once the tree is inserted, you have to edit each column one by one, so it may be quicker to insert a new tree and remove the old one if you want to apply filters on every metric/column.