Test Logs

The test logs modal panel displays both test initialization logs and JMeter logs.

Test Initialization Logs

OctoPerf lets you review the process of initializing the load injector via a Test Initialization Logs panel:

Docker Logs modal

The test status goes through each of the following steps:

  1. CREATED: the test start operation is created,
  2. PENDING: OctoPerf's backend registered the start operation,
  3. PREPARING/SCALING: load injectors are being started (this operation may take a few minutes for large load test, a progress is displayed),
  4. INITIALIZING: virtual user scripts and files are copied to the injectors,
  5. RUNNING: the load test is running,
  6. FINISHED: the load test is done.


There are two more status:

  • ABORTED: when you click on the Stop button before the end pf the performance test,
  • ERROR: if the test failed to start.

The test may fail to start if you try to run to many concurrent users on and on-premise load injector or if a Cloud provider failed to deliver instances.

JMeter Logs

OctoPerf lets you view JMeter logs after executing a Virtual User validation or a load test.

To view the 500 first lines of a log file, simply select it on the left table. Its content appears on the right.

You can also download the full log file by clicking on the Download button. A .log.gz is downloaded when you click on it. You need a file compression tool like 7Zip to extract it.

Logs modal


Log files may not be present in several cases:

  • You cancelled a virtual user validation before it ended.
  • The virtual user validation or the load test failed to start.
  • The virtual user validation was executed too long ago, the log files may be erased in such case.