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Installation Guide

Vagrant Up!

You can try OctoPerf EE in just a few minutes by running our pre-packaged virtual machine with Vagrant.


Please take a look at General Prerequisites. The advanced setup assumes you are familiar with:

  • Installing software on your computer like VirtualBox or Vagrant,
  • Running commands inside a Terminal on a Linux or Windows Operating System.

Run With Vagrant


Some browsers automatically add an extension to downloaded files. Check that the Vagrantfile has no file extension before running vagrant, otherwise the setup may fail.

It starts a virtual machine with OctoPerf EE preinstalled. It may take a while to download and run the virtual machine.

Vagrant Up! vagrant up and that's all!

Note: When a port is not available on the host (like port 8080 on the screenshot above), Vagrant automatically assigns another port (here 2201) starting from port 2200.

Account Signin

After a few minutes, You can now browse to http://localhost:8090/. The default account ( / password) is already preconfigured with everything to run tests.

You can also sign up to create your own:

OctoPerf Signup Signup to create your account and get started.

Note: The quick setup is intended for testing purpose only. We recommend you to follow the Advanced Installation Guide for production use.

Administrate Rancher

Rancher Administration UI is accessible at http://localhost:8080.

Rancher OctoPerf EE Stack All services are up and running.


Can you briefly introduce me Vagrant?

Vagrant is a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments in a single workflow. Example vagrant commands:

  • vagrant up: Creates and run the VM,
  • vagrant suspend: saves the VM state and stops it,
  • vagrant resume: resumes the suspended VM,
  • vagrant destroy: destroys the VM and all the data stored within.

How can I SSH into the VM?

Once running, connect via SSH into the VM machine by running the command vagrant ssh.

The application stays inaccessible on http://localhost:8090

After rebooting the virtual machine, the OctoPerf EE application may be inaccessible on http://localhost:8090.

  • Open http://localhost:8080 from your browser to access Rancher's UI,
  • Click on Stacks and restart load-balancer service.

After a few seconds, the application should be available again. Another solution consists of SSHing into the VM and run the command:

sudo iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT

The issue comes from Docker which restricts network access to containers from outside the machine for security reasons.