OctoPerf Rest API

Our REST API documentation is available at https://api.octoperf.com/swagger-ui.html

It gives you a programmatic access to all OctoPerf resources, from Virtual Users to Tests Reports.


Starting a Test Using cURL

To to start a test you need to call the Scenarios.run endpoint:

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer <apiKey>" -v -X POST https://api.octoperf.com/runtime/scenarios/run/<scenarioId>

The following parameters must be set:

  • apiKey: your API key can be found in your profile, accessible from the Profile menu in OctoPerf (top right corner of the UI).
  • scenarioId: the ID of the scenario you want to run.

To know the ID of the scenario simply open it in OctoPerf's UI. Its ID is the last one in the URL:

Scenario ID


If you want to schedule a load test you can then use crontab on Linux or an online scheduling service to do it.