On Premise Load Testing


OctoPerf supports using your own computers to run load tests. You can also configure an On-Premise provider to run tests behind your firewall. This is useful to do performance tests on an Intranet site or on any application that is not available on internet.

It can be configured with the following providers:

  • On-Premise: manually install agents on your own computers,
  • Amazon Web Services: automatically scale cloud computers with your own AWS Account,
  • Digital Ocean: automatically scale cloud computers with your own DigitalOcean account.

Cloud Providers

Instead of running your own nodes, you can connect those providers to OctoPerf EE to benefit from:

  • On-Demand Load Generators: when starting a new test, OctoPerf EE provisions cloud instances according to your needs,
  • Automated Test Run: provided the cloud instance can run Docker commands, OctoPerf EE manages the entire test lifecycle remotely,
  • Automatic Shutdown: once no longer required, cloud instances are automatically terminated (so you get billed only for the hours you use them).

The following cloud providers are supported:

Given most cloud providers bill compute instances on an hourly rate, one can expect to make significant savings over running your own on-premise grid. That being said, cloud providers must be configured properly in order to work.

See Providers for more information.


You can mix both Cloud and On-Premise load generators within the same test.