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What is OctoPerf?

OctoPerf is a commercial Saas and on Premise platform. Saas means Software As A Service. It's a full-stack cloud load testing platform. It allows to simulate thousands of concurrent users on any HTTP-based website or mobile application. On premise means you can install your own OctoPerf platform anywhere you want. It has the following key features:

Why another load testing tool?

We felt like a bit disappointed by the existing tools on the market:

  • Open-Source: great features but complex to use, may require coding knowledge,
  • Cheap: price effective but unrealistic (url hammering),
  • Expensive: Great features, mid grade easiness but at the expense of a very high price,
  • PaaS: solves only part of the problem by providing a testing infrastructure.

OctoPerf has been built with the following goals:

  • Easy to use: no coding knowledge required, a modern and intuitive web UI,
  • Realistic: simulate virtual users behaving close to customers in production,
  • Cost Effective: provide 80% of expensive tools features at a fraction of their price,
  • Complete: cover the whole load testing process from design and monitoring to test analysis,
  • Robust: leverage proven open-source technologies like JMeter.

And here we are now!

Target audience

The platform is open to all who wish to perform load testing on their website or mobile application. OctoPerf is best suited for:

  • online shop owners,
  • web Agencies,
  • any company publishing web applications.

How it works

The platform provides a full-online experience to design, run and analyze load testing scenarios. OctoPerf creates instances on a public Cloud using Amazon EC2 and Digital Ocean. These cloud instances report the test results back to OctoPerf in real-time.

Users can then analyze testing results live, as they are being collected. Imagine a cluster of hundreds of machines available 24/7 with no setup required at all. Just a few minutes are required to setup and run a scenario.

The platform takes care to safely store your data and make them accessible to you from any device including phones and tablets.

Why Load Testing ?

Load testing provides several big advantages:

  • preserve your brand image: users don't like high response times,
  • increase your sales: faster websites are known to have better conversion rates than slower ones,
  • reduce infrastructure cost: size your infrastructure to fit your needs by simulating upcoming volume of users.

Hassle free load testing

No installation, no coding knowledge required. Access to your account from anywhere, any device. Swarm your website or mobile application with thousands of users within minutes.

Sign Up

To gain access to the platform, an account is required. OctoPerf has a free plan.