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User Profile

The profile management page is split in two panels:

  • Password to change your password,
  • Profile to update your personal information,

Changing your email

To change your email, in the Email panel:

  1. enter the new email,
  2. enter the account password, if you do not remember it, use the Password Lost page,
  3. click on Update Email.

Edit password

Changing your password

To change your password, in the Password panel:

  1. enter the previous password, if you do not remember it, use the Password Lost page,
  2. enter the new password,
  3. confirm the new password,
  4. click on Update password.

Edit password

Updating your profile

To update your profile, in the Profile panel:

  1. enter the name of your company (required, from 2 to 50 characters length),
  2. enter your first name (required, from 2 to 50 characters length),
  3. enter your last name (required, from 2 to 50 characters length),
  4. select your country in the list (required, you can type the beginning of your country's name to filter the list),
  5. enter your postal address (required),
  6. enter your phone number (optional),
  7. enter your VAT number (optional),
  8. click on Update profile.

Edit profile


You API key is accessible using the API Key panel:


Simply click on the Eye icon to display its value or on the Copy icon to copy it.

License key

Your license key ties you to all your subscriptions. If you or your company purchases additional licenses they will also be attached to your license key.

In large organizations it is often required to share this license key with other OctoPerf accounts so that they can use it for their tests.


To that end you can use the copy button to send the value of your license key to some of your colleagues. They will just have to replace their license key with yours and hit the Update license key button.


It is not permitted by our Terms of Service to share your license with someone outside of your organization. If you need to do it anyway, please get in touch with your sales representative to explain your use case.