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Threshold Alarms Table Item

This item lists all the threshold alarms which occurred since the beginning of the test. Alarms being displayed can be filtered by monitor connection and by monitored counter.

Threshold Alarms Table Item

The table displays:

  • The time of the alarm,
  • The connection that raised the alarm,
  • The counter that raised the alarm,
  • The threshold that raised the alarm.

More information can be found in the documentation dedicated to Alarms and Thresholds.

View Alarm Details

To view the alarm details:

  1. Find the alarm you want to inspect,
  2. Click on the Magnifier button on the right.
  3. A line chart report item is inserted displays the detailed error:

Threshold Alarm Line Chart


You can press the CTRL key while clicking on the Magnifier icon to skip the insertion panel of the generated Line Chart.

Edit Table

To customize the Threshold Alarms Table, please refer to the documentation page about the legend and metrics.


Editing a Threshold Alarms Table only allows you to filter on the connection whose threshold alarms you want to display.

Export as CSV

To export the table as a CSV files, please refer to the documentation page about exporting tables.