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OctoPerf Account

OctoPerf requires an account to gain access to the platform. This procedure takes under a minute and is explained below.

Sign in

Sign in

The following procedure explains how to sign in.

  1. Open the Signin page,
  2. Enter your email and password,
  3. Click on the Log in button.

The application then redirects you to your projects.

Sign up

Sign up

The following procedure explains how to create an account:

  1. Open Signup page,
  2. Enter your email,
  3. Enter a secured password (length and variety of characters is important),
  4. Click on Sign up to create your account (You automatically agree to the terms of service by doing so).

You will be directly logged in.


Registration is protected by a Captcha to prevent automated registration. If the Captcha does not appear, it may be blocked by your company proxy. Please ask your network administrator to allow it.


Use a professional email (that ends with your company name) to get free extra test hours.

Password Lost

Password lost

The following procedure explains how to recover your account when you don't remember your password:

  1. Open Forgot Password page,
  2. Enter the email linked to your account,
  3. Click on Send.

You should receive an email after a few minutes containing a link to a page which allows you to reset your account password. Please note that the link is temporary and stops working after a while for security reasons.

Account management

Once logged in the account management menu is available on the upper right corner of the application:

Account Menu

From this drop-down menu you can access:


If you still experience issues signing in your account, please contact our Support Team.