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The variable page lets you configure, in one place, predefined variables.

To open the variables page, simply click on the Configuration > Variables button in the Virtual User page or use the upper menu:


Variables list

Constant Variable

The left part of the page lists all the variables for the current project. Variables declared in this list are common to all the VUs of a project. You can use the headers of this list to filter or sort it.

The right part displays the selected variable configuration. It is only editable if a variable is selected.

Four types of variables are available:

Add Variable

The following procedure explains how to add a variable configuration:

  1. Click on the Add button,
  2. A dropdown appears,
  3. Select the type of variable to add: Constant, Random, Counter or CSV,
  4. A new variable name variable_n is added to the list and selected.
  5. Edit the input fields on the right,
  6. Close the variable panel by clicking on the Close button positioned at the top right corner.

Remove Variable

The following procedure explains how to remove a variable configuration:

  1. Click on the variable to remove in the variables list,
  2. Click on the Delete button.


You can use SHIFT + click or CTRL + click to select multiple variables and delete them all at once.


As variables are commons to all VUs of a project, variable removal and update may affect VUs that you are note currently editing.