Load Test Execution

The Runtime page lists all your scenarios.


Create Scenario

To create a new runtime scenario, simply click on the Plus button. A default Scenario is created using one of your virtual users and your are redirected to the scenario page. You may then change the used VU as well as edit its name and description.

Filter scenarios

You can filter the displayed scenarios using the Filter field:

  1. Simply type the name in the Filter field placed on the upper right corner of the page,
  2. The list bellow will only display the execution scenarios that contains the term in their name or description.

Delete scenario

You can also delete runtime scenarios from here:

  1. Place your mouse over a scenario item in the list,
  2. A Delete button appears,
  3. Click on it,
  4. Confirm the deletion when the warning dialog appears,
  5. Your scenario is now deleted.