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Constant Variable Configuration

Constant Variable zoom

The constant variable is used to provide the same value to every virtual user running. The value is not shared between virtual users which means they are free to change it. Any value placed in a constant variable remains there until changed or the test ends.

It is important to understand that each virtual user has its own local instance of the constant variable and is free to update it through scripts or other means. It is not reset to its original value unless you start another test.

The following procedure explains how to change a Constant variable configuration:

  1. Click on the variable to update in the variables list,
  2. Edit the input fields on the right,
  3. Close the variable panel by clicking on the Close button positioned at the top right corner.

For each Constant Variable, you can edit:

Property name Description
Name The variable name. To inject it, use the ${...} syntax. E.g. in the above screenshot, you could inject constant_value using the ${constant_variable} syntax.
Description The variable description
Value The constant value of the variable


Edited variables are all updated when you close the variable modal. But variable addition / removal is done immediately.