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InfluxDB / Grafana

The InfluxDB External reporting allows you to send metrics to your own InfluxDB database and display them in your own grafana dashboards. It is based upon the JMeter InfluxDB backend listener.

InfluxDB / Grafana

Name Description
URL URL of your influxDB database in regards to the OctoPerf load generators. Make sure this is accessible from the load generators.
Token Influx DB Authentication token.
Application Name of the application under test. This will be stored in the events as a tag named application
Measurement Measurement as per Influx Line Protocol Reference.
Event tags Grafana allows a tag for each annotation. This value is stored in the events** measurement as a tag named tags.
Custom tags Custom tags that you want to add for this test.
Percentiles The percentiles you want to send to influxDB. A percentile may contain a fractional part, for example 12.5 (The separator is always ".")
Send detailed metrics When disabled, only a summary with no detail is sent.
Regular expression action names Only the transaction/request names matching this regex will be sent to influxDB.


OctoPerf will automatically add Custom tags as follows:

  • TAG_region = Provider's region
  • TAG_hostname = JMeter container name
  • TAG_virtualUserName = Virtual user name

On top of that we also write the runtime scenario name to testTitle in the backend listener.