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On-Premise Provider configuration

An on-premise provider is specifically designed for agents started manually. It has the following settings:

  • Memory settings: how much memory per machine is allocated,
  • Regions: locations where the machines are running.


On-Premise provider has the following general settings:

  • Provider Name: the name as displayed when selecting the provider for a test run.

Memory Usage

Memory Usage

First, enter the total RAM in MegaBytes available for each server configured using this provider.

The information message lets you know how many virtual users you will be able to start for each load generator depending on the available memory and memory usage.

You can also configure the memory usage during this first step by clicking on the Memory Usage button:

  1. Select the base memory: JMeter's minimum memory in MB,
  2. Select the memory per Virtual User in MB,
  3. Select the memory per Heavy Virtual User in MB,
  4. Select the percentage of the memory dedicated to run JMeter. Example: 70%
  5. Set the max slots per host (0 means no limit). Defines the max number of JMeter containers the host can run simultaneously.

Let's take an example:

  • Base Memory: 128MB,
  • Per User Memory: 5MB,
  • Percent Host Memory: 70%,
  • Max Slots: 5.

Suppose we have a 8GB (or 8192MB) host. The following formula applies:

Max Virtual Users = ((PercentHostMem * HostMemMB / 100) - BaseMemoryMB) / PerUserMemoryMB

In our example, we can use up to 5607MB of RAM (128MB for JMeter deduced). That's about 1120 concurrent users per host. A maximum of 5 JMeter containers can run on a single host, regardless of the memory available.


Use physical / virtual machines with same amount of memory. Otherwise OctoPerf may not balance the load on them efficiently.


Create a provider per hardware configuration if you have different machines with different physical RAM available.


The next and last step is simple: you just need to select one or more regions if you need to differentiate the servers you are going to use to generate the user load.

On-Premise Provider regions selection

You need to enter at least one region before clicking on the Save button. The latitude and longitude are the GPS coordinates of the region. It is used to display them in the user profile creation.


Creating different regions is the best way to differentiate monitoring agents. Creating a region for each one of them will make their selection much easier.


The region name will be used in a command line later on. Because of this it can only contains 'a' to 'z characters (lowercase only) and underscores. Spaces are not allowed.

Once the on-premise provider created, you can add Agents.