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The Monitoring Page

The Monitoring page lets you list and create Monitoring connections. It is available from the upper menu:


Connections list


For each connection, the list displays:

Connections list actions

Several actions are available when placing your mouse over an existing connection in the list:

Icon Action Description
Duplicate Connection Lets you duplicate a connection in one click. You can then change the configuration of the duplicated connection. It's very useful if you have multiple identical servers that you want to monitor.
Check Connection Lets you check a connection in one click. The icons displays a check successful / failed when the check operation is done (it may take some time to proceed).
Disable Connection Lets you disable a connection in one click. This will prevent having monitoring metrics in the bench report when running a load test. Handy when you are testing multiple environments.
Delete Connection Lets you remove a connection in one click. This operation cannot be reverted (you will have to create the connection from scratch) so proceed with caution.

Create a connection

To create a new monitoring connection simply click on the big plus button. The following screen appears:

Create connection

The following procedure explains how to create a Monitoring Connection:

  1. Select a monitoring agent (you may need to create a an on-premise provider and start an agent if you don't have any),
  2. Select the connection type,
  3. Click on the Next button,
  4. Proceed with the creation wizard.

Connection types

The following steps of the creation depends on the type of connection you want to create: