Load Test Analysis

The Analysis page lists all your bench reports.



The state of the bench reports is displayed (Test started, finished, cancelled, etc.) but it is not refreshed periodically. So if a test is running you may open it to know when it ends.

Create bench report

To create a new bench report, you need to start a load test. This can be done by creating a scenario in the runtime page.

Filter bench reports

You can filter the displayed reports using the Filter field:

  1. Simply type the name in the Filter field placed on the upper right corner of the page,
  2. The list bellow will only display the bench reports that contains the term in their name or description.

Delete bench report

You can also delete bench reports from here:

  1. Place your mouse over a bench report item in the list,
  2. A Delete button appears,
  3. Click on it,
  4. Confirm the deletion when the warning dialog appears,
  5. Your bench report is now deleted.

When at least two reports exist a trending graph is displayed:


This graph shows basic information on the last 8 tests if possible. You can handpick the tests to display by using the enable / disable button . Clicking on a report in the trend graph will open this report. This is an efficient way to select a test since you already have an overview of the results.


The trend report appears only after you have run two tests from beginning to end. It is not available while the second test is running.