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User Profile Location

The location where the virtual user profile instances are being executed. You can select the Provider/Region using both the select box and the the map.


The GPS coordinates of on-premise regions are configured on the private hosts page. You must accept to be geo-localized by OctoPerf's application if you want your location to be displayed on the map.

Europe, USA and more are available by default using our Amazon and Digital Ocean public Cloud providers.

AWS regions:

  • Africa (Cape Town),
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong),
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore),
  • Australia (Sydney),
  • Canada (Montreal),
  • EU Central (Frankfurt),
  • EU North (Stockholm),
  • EU West (Ireland),
  • EU West (London),
  • EU West (Paris),
  • Europe (Milan),
  • India (Mumbai).
  • Japan (Tokyo),
  • Middle east (Bahrain),
  • South America (Sao Paulo),
  • South Korea (Seoul),
  • US East (Ohio),
  • US East (Virginia),
  • US West (North California),
  • US West (Oregon).

DO regions:

  • Canada (Toronto),
  • US (New York),
  • US (San Francisco),
  • EU (Amsterdam),
  • EU (Frankfurt),
  • EU (London),
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore),
  • India (Bangalore).

Azure regions:

  • Asia East (Hong Kong),
  • Asia Southeast (Singapore),
  • Australia Central (Capital Hill),
  • Australia East (Sydney),
  • Australia Southeast (Melbourne),
  • Brazil South (Sao Paulo),
  • Canada Central (Toronto),
  • Canada East (Quebec City),
  • EU North (Ireland),
  • EU West (Amsterdam),
  • France Central (Paris),
  • Germany Northeast (Bremen),
  • India Central (Pune),
  • India South (Chennai),
  • India West (Mumbai),
  • Japan East (Tokyo),
  • Japan West (Osaka),
  • Korea Central (Seoul),
  • Korea South (Busan),
  • Norway East (Oslo),
  • South Africa North (Pretoria),
  • Switzerland North (Z├╝rich),
  • UAE North (Dubai),
  • UK South (London),
  • UK West (Cardiff),
  • US Central (Ohio),
  • US East (Virginia),
  • US East 2 (Virginia),
  • US North Central (Chicago),
  • US South Central (San Antonio),
  • US West (San Francisco),
  • US West 2 (Washington),
  • US West Central (Utah).