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Exporting report items

Bench Report Items can be exported anytime using the Export Item Button . This button appears on the top right corner of a report item when you place your mouse hover it.

If you prefer to export the whole report at once, please refer to the Exporting a Bench Report documentation page.

Exporting tables

Table report items like statistics tables, delta tables or errors tables can be exported as CSV files.

Export report table

For example exporting the table above will generate the following CSV file:

"Action","Avg. response time (sec)","Response time percentile 90 (sec)","Hits count (hits)","Errors count (errors)"

Some tables may contain timestamps that will not properly render in Microsoft excel, you can fix this by using a formula to format the date in excel-compatible date format:


You can then format the resulting column as a date and pick your date format to get exactly what you want.


The CSV configuration is:

  • Quoted values,
  • Comma , as the separator,
  • First line is the columns titles.

Exporting charts

All graphical report items like line charts, percentiles or pie chart can be exported as PNG files.

Export line chart

For example exporting the above monitoring line chart will result in the following image:

Exported line chart


The exported line chart does not include the legend. You may want to do a print screen or Export the whole Bench Report if you want it.