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Flow Control Container Action

Flow Control Action

The flow control container lets you control how often the contained actions are executed.


Be careful since only children of the flow control action will be impacted. Use the indentation to check that your flow control action is correctly setup.

This container can be configured in two different modes:

  • Percent executions per VU: causes the container to execute a certain percentage of the iterations through the Virtual User.
  • Total executions per VU: causes the container to stop executing after a certain number of executions have occurred.
Parameter name Description Required
Name Descriptive name for this container which is indicated in the bench report. The name is not required, but it is a good habit to name your containers so that you can differentiate them in your bench reports. No
Type Percent executions or Total executions. More information above. Yes
Value If Percent executions type is selected, this value is the percent (between 0 and 100). If Total execution type is selected, this value is the total of executions. Yes

Percent executions

This mode is mainly used to reproduce a bounce rate. For instance, not all users will proceed to the payment on a web store. Instead as you advance in the purchasing tunnel, less and less users will stay. Using Flow control is a good way to reproduce this.


To ensure this flow control runs at least once, you must make sure that your VU will be able to run enough iterations. For example, when set to 20% you must run at least 5 iterations during the test. This also means that validations will not run the content of flow controls unless it is set to 100%.

Total executions

For those familiar with other load testing tools, it can be seen as an Init block, that is run only on first iteration (when set to 1). This is useful for emulating a login that happens once only and then a bunch of iterations for the duration of the test. Remember to not clear the cookies when doing so otherwise your login will be wiped on every iteration.