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Website URLs List Import

The quickest way to create a Virtual User is by feeding OctoPerf with your website URL.

Create Virtual User: Website URLs

Simply enter the URLs you want your Virtual User to visit:

Import Website URLs

You need to enter valid URLs and include the protocol (I.e.


If you select 'Parse response HTML to extract sub-pages?', OctoPerf automatically parses the HTML of the given URLs to extract other pages. So you may only need to fill in the homepage of your WebSite.

You can Copy/Paste a list of URLs (one URL per line) into the URL field to import multiple URLs at once.


This way to create a VU is OK only for static websites or webservices. You should not execute real load tests with Virtual Users generated this way and expect meaningful results!

Creating a VU using a list of URLs will not let you simulate realistic behaviors: it's quite hard to extract and re-inject dynamic parameters without recorded requests/responses.