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Runtime Properties

Runtime Properties

Defines the JMeter Runtime Properties.

These key/value properties are initially defined here and can be modified while the test is running in the Runtime Properties panel.


You can use these properties in your scripts with the syntax ${__P(name,defaultValue)} (defaultValue is optional).



Defines the JMeter Test Log file generation settings. The settings are:

  • Export JTL files?: Toggle ON/OFF the JTL file generation,
  • Results Log Level: Log all results, only errors or only successes,
  • Save Settings: defines what information must be saved in the generated JTL files.


JTL files are available when the test ends in the result logs panel. JTL files can be used for reporting in the Jenkins CI integration.


JTL files with same columns are automatically merged into a single file named merged_X.jtl once the test is finished. Depending on the size of JTL files, it may take a few minutes before the merged file is ready.