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Instead of installing and maintaining your own on premise agents OctoPerf also allows you to connect to an existing cloud account.

This way you can leverage the cost efficiency of on demand load generators while still staying in a context you know and control. For instances you could use this to have your favorite clouder start the OctoPerf Agents in your own network to avoid white-listing IPs.

The following image shows how this works:


  1. The OctoPerf Server (either SaaS or Enterprise Edition) contacts the Cloud API to ask for machines to be started
  2. The Cloud API acknowledges the request for machines and recognizes it is able to provide them. It then proceeds to start them.
  3. Once the OctoPerf Agents are running, they report their status to the OctoPerf Server. Every once in a while they will connect back to check if they have a greenlight to proceed with the test. All communication is done through outgoing HTTP/S from the agents. Note that after 5min without response, the instance is rebooted. After 10min without response, the instance is terminated and another one is started.
  4. Once the last agents is up and running the test is greenlighted and load is generated from the agents as defined in the runtime configuration. Metrics are reported live through outgoing HTTP/S from the agents to the OctoPerf server.