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Chrome HAR record

Google Chrome has a built-in extensions which allows to easily record requests and responses and export them as HAR format.

Quick Video explaining how to record HTTP requests with Google Chrome

How to record

The following procedure explains how to record HTTP as an HAR file with Chrome:

  • Start Chrome,
  • Then press CTRL + SHIFT + N to start an incognito session,
  • Press F12 to display the developer bar,
  • Select Network tab, and check preserve log,
  • Navigate to record HTTP traffic,
  • Right-click on any request and select Save as HAR with content.

Create Virtual User: Import HAR

Upload the newly created HAR file to create a virtual user:

Create Virtual User from HAR

Simply drop the file in the HAR area or use the Choose File button. The download starts automatically.

By default OctoPerf will filter a certain number of URLs based on a few blocklists:

Make sure to Disable ad blocker if you prefer to keep everything.

You may also select Download resources automatically if you want OctoPerf to remove the static resources requests (images, JavaScript and Css files, etc.). These requests will then be downloaded dynamically during runtime using the Download resources option of each request.