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Random Variable Configuration

Random Variable

The Random Variable is used to generate random numeric strings. It is only randomized on every virtual user iteration, so it's a good choice for a random value that needs to be consistent for a whole loop/iteration. If you need a value that changes all the time, try with the ${__random(...)} function.

The following procedure explains how to change a Random variable configuration:

  1. Click on the variable to update in the variables list,
  2. Edit the input fields on the right,
  3. Close the variable panel by clicking on the Close button positioned at the right left corner.

For each Random Variable, you can edit:

Property name Description
Name The variable name. To inject it, use the ${...} syntax.
Description The variable description
Minimum Value The Random Variable range lower bound.
Maximum Value The Random Variable range upper bound.
Output Format The output format of the generated value. Leave blank for a simple number output. It uses the java.text.DecimalFormat. For example 000 generates numbers with at least 3 digits, and USER_000 generates output of the form USER_nnn.