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SaaS Load Testing Subscriptions

OctoPerf lets you purchase and manage subscriptions directly from the GUI. The public prices are available on our website. Both subscriptions and billing information are available from the account management menu, available on the upper right corner of the application.


The subscriptions page list all your current subscriptions. The list can be refreshed using Refresh button. You may need to refresh it manually after adding a new subscription, while the payment is being made.

To subscribe to a plan click on the orange Subscribe button (bellow the list).


Subscriptions list

Your subscriptions are visible in the license panel:

Column name Description
Type Allows you to differentiate your subscriptions from subscriptions shared with you.
Name The plan name.
Status The subscription status. Can be Active, Expired or Cancel at period end.
Renewal Type The type of renewal for this subscription. Can be Monthly, Quarterly or On Demand.
Billing Type The type of billing applied for this subscription: Free, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
Subscription date Subscription date.
Renewal date Last renewal date.
Expiration date Expiration date, it will not be usable after this date, unless renewed.
Users Maximum number of concurrent users runnable in a test.
Duration Maximum duration of a test.
Profiles Maximum number of user profiles per scenario. So it is the maximum number of different devices you can emulate for one test, and also the maximum number of geographical regions your can run your test from.
Remaining tests Number of remaining tests you can launch. For Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions, this number is reset to the plan maximum number of tests each month. On Demand subscriptions are Expired when this number reaches 0.

Cancel a subscription

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Click on the icon at the right of the subscriptions list.
  2. A confirm dialog appears.
  3. Click on the Yes button.

Cancel Subscription Dialog

You can only cancel subscriptions that:

  • Are active.
  • Are paid by credit card (Please contact our sales team to cancel subscriptions paid by Bank Transfer)
  • Are recurring, either Monthly or Quarterly. On Demand subscriptions cannot be cancelled.


When you cancel a subscription, its status becomes Cancel at period end until the expiration date. Then it is properly cancelled. You can still use it in the meantime. You cannot get a refund for the remaining tests

Subscribe to new plan

You can subscribe to any plan directly from OctoPerf if you pay by credit card. You may contact our sales team to pay by bank transfer or if you need a custom plan.

A subscription wizard appears when you click on the orange Subscribe button bellow the subscription list.

The subscription is divided in four steps:

  1. selecting a plan,
  2. adding and selecting a credit card,
  3. inputting billing information,
  4. review and purchase confirmation.

Plan selection

The first step is to select a plan. Plans are grouped by renewal period: Yearly or Monthly. You can click on any tab to view the corresponding plans. Click on Select to choose a plan.

Select Plan


If you need more information regarding OctoPerf's licensing, please refer to our pricing page.

Credit card selection

The second step is to add and select a credit card:

  1. enter the credit card number,
  2. enter the CVC,
  3. enter the expiration date,
  4. click on Add Card.


The card brand is deduced from the card number.

Select Credit Card

Once the card is added, it appears in the upper list. Simply click on Select to select it and go to the next step. The button is used to remove a credit card.

Billing information

The third step is to enter your billing information. Please refer to the user profile section to fill in this form.

Enter Billing Information

The wizard goes to the last step when you click on the Update Profile button.

Purchase confirmation

The last step to purchase a new plan is to review and confirm the operation:

Confirm Purchase

This step displays the previously selected information:

  • the billing information,
  • the selected credit card,
  • the selected plan information.

Click on the Buy for button to purchase the plan. The wizard dialog closes and the subscription appears in the list.


The final price includes VAT. It depends on your country of residence, selected during step 3 (Billing information).

Subscription Sharing

This section lists all the subscriptions shared with/by you:


Column name Description
Type Shared with me or Shared by me.
Name Share name.
Owner Owner of this license share. You can only remove shares you own.
Shared with Share recipient. Make sure to only share with people from your organization.
Created Creation date for this share.

New share

A simple click on the button will open a new window. Here you can pick one or several subscriptions to share:


Using All you can make sure to share all your current and future subscriptions with another account. This is convenient if you plan on using a lot of new on demand plans later.

Using a selection of you can handpick one or several subscriptions to share.


You might want to avoid sharing your free license or other people could empty it for you. Of course we can re-credit it if you contact us through the chat or email.


You can only have one share with another account at a time, if you try to create more you will get this message: share-already-exists

If you need to share new subscriptions, you must remove the existing share and create a new one.

Share actions

On each share it is possible to click the view icon to see its details:


Other actions are only available on a share you own. They allow you to create from this share if you want to share a similar configuration with another OctoPerf user or simply Delete a share.