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Container Action


The Container lets you organize your other HTTP and Logic Actions. Unlike other Logic Actions, it provides no functionality beyond that of a folder.


Containers will have statistics during the runtime. Like any HTTP request you will have access to response times, hits and a lot of others.

The response time of a container will be the sum of response times of all its children. If any of these children encounters an error, the container will also fail.

Because of this we strongly recommend using a different container for each action.

Parameter name Description Required
Name Descriptive name for this container which is indicated in the bench report. The name is not required, but it is a good habit to name your containers so that you can differentiate them in your bench reports. No


A good practice is to name your containers starting with numbers. This way sorting them by name will be relevant in the analysis.

For instance, this:


Will provide results like this:

Containers result

As you can see it's much easier to analyze this way.