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Files Manager

The Files manager tool is available on the left menu of the Design view, in the Tools section.

It lets you upload and delete files. These files can be:

  • CSV variables content,
  • POST Http request bodies,
  • scripts,
  • hosts file to be be appended at the end of the load generator’s hosts file (during validation and runtime).
  • JMeter plugins jar files.
  • remove-files.txt: List of files to be removed from JMeter folder. This can be used to prevent compatibility issues with some library versions.

Files Manager

Upload a file

You can upload files simply by drag and dropping them in the Drop files here zone or by clicking on the Choose Files button.

Files are automatically added to the list, and a progress bar is displayed to inform you the the upload progress.


You can upload multiple files at the same time.

To replace a file content, simply upload the new file with the same name. The one already present in the files list is overwritten.

Delete a file

You can delete files simply by clicking on the Delete button in the list:


You can actually remove or replace a file that is used in a CSV variable or a POST request body. To make sure it does not break your virtual user execution you may run a validation before launching a real test.

Select a file

You can select or directly upload files from the CSV Variable panel or POST request bodies:

File Selector

Selecting an existing file is done using the select box. If you use many files in your project you can type the name of the file you are looking for to filter the displayed file.

Simply click on any filename to select it.

To upload a file click on the plus button located at the right of the selector. A Choose File button appears. Click on it and select a local file. It is automatically uploaded and selected.


If there are no files available in the current project, only the file upload option is visible. Filters may apply for the files you can select or upload. For example CSV variable only accept .csv files.