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Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IPs

Both Amazon and DigitalOcean support allocating Static IPs. Edit the provider to access the Static IPs Management Console.

Dedicated IPs are pre-allocated IP Addresses. Those IP addresses are automatically assigned to newly started cloud instances.

Dedicated IPs are a general name for:

  • Elastic IPs on Amazon EC2,
  • And Floating IPs on DigitalOcean.

It's highly useful when the tested application can only be accessed by whitelisted IPs. It allows you to use dynamically allocate cloud instances (billed per hourly rate) with always the same IP Addresses.

How It Works

When a new cloud instance is started:

  • A new cloud instance is started,
  • The system checks if any dedicated IP is available in the region where the instance is started,
  • The static ip is associated to the new cloud instance.

When a cloud instance is terminated, any associated static IP is dissociated.


To allocated a new dedicated IP:

  • Select the wanted region and availability zone,
  • Click on Allocate button.


Contact us if you need to register existing dedicated IPs.


To release a dedicated IP:

  • Find the relevant IP within the table,
  • Click on the bin button to remove it.