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In order to setup DigitalOcean in OctoPerf EE, the following items are required:

  • DigitalOcean Account: a valid paid account is required,
  • Access Token: a personal access token to allow driving your account programmatically (by OctoPerf EE).

Access Token

DigitalOcean Access Token

To create a personal access token:

  • Login on your DigitalOcean account,
  • Click on API from top menu,
  • Click on Generate new Token,
  • Enter token name (Example: octoperf),
  • Select Read and Write access,
  • Click on Generate Token.

Keep the generated token in a safe location for later use.

Droplet Image

By default Octoperf EE uses the Docker Once-click App as the base image when launching the droplets. You can create your own droplet image with Packer very easily.


When creating the droplet image using packer, save the image id. Also, make sure to copy the image to all the region you would like to use to provision machines.

Create Provider


You can now setup the DigitalOcean Provider using the On-Premise configuration panel. Provide all the information above during the regions and availability setup. Double-check all information provided are correct.

OctoPerf can automatically start and stop DigitalOcean Droplets on-demand using your own DigitalOcean Account.


DigitalOcean provider has the following general settings:

  • Provider Name: the name as displayed when selecting the provider for a test run.


The following AWS information are required:

  • Access Token: DigitalOcean API Key.


The Access token should give both read and write access to the account.

Instance Types

The following Instances are available:

  • SMALL: cloud instance with about 2GB RAM,
  • MEDIUM: cloud instance with about 4GB RAM,
  • LARGE: cloud instance with about 8GB RAM,
  • XLARGE: cloud instance with about 16GB RAM.

Select the instance which suits your needs. Smaller instances can simulate less concurrent users.

Shutdown Policy

The shutdown policy specifies the minimum amount of time a cloud instance should be running before being eligible for automatic shutdown.

Example: shutdown specified after 55min.


Only idle machines (not running load tests) are eligible for shutdown. OctoPerf waits until the test ends before shutting the instance down.

Memory Usage

Memory Usage

These settings are the same as for the self-hosted provider.


DigitalOcean Regions

Using the previously entered credentials, OctoPerf scans all the regions and looks for:

  • Images: a digitalocean snapshot whose name starts with octoperf, otherwise it uses the docker-16-04 image by default.

DigitalOcean Region

Each Region can be edited and all the automatically detected settings can be changed.

Floating IPs

Floating IPs can be allocated using Dedicated IPs management panel.