Virtual User Design

The Design page lest you list and create Virtual Users. A Virtual User (shortened VU) represents a user journey through your application. It lets you simulate a real user behavior.


Create a VU

To create a new virtual user simply click on the big blue Plus button to display the creation form.

Then there are several methods to create a virtual user:

We strongly recommend to record your web application using Fiddler or Firefox as they also record response contents.

HAR Format

HAR is an abbreviation for Http Archive:

The HTTP Archive format or HAR, is a JSON-formatted archival format for logging of a web browsers interaction with a site. The common extension for these files is .har.

Several browser like Chrome or Firefox supports recording HTTP traffic as HAR natively.

HAR Recorders

Several tools allow to record your application as HAR like:

We recommend to use Fiddler.

HAR import filtered servers

OctoPerf automatically filters servers when you import a HAR:

  • CDNs,
  • advertising,
  • analytics,
  • Google, Facebook, etc.

The complete list is available here.


You can also remove servers after the import if we missed some of them.