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The scheduler page lists all your scheduled jobs. It is available from the upper menu:


A scheduled job runs load tests periodically.

Scheduled Jobs List

Scheduled Jobs List

For each scheduled job, the list displays:

  • The associated report name,
  • The associated scenario (click on the scenario name to open it),
  • The name of the report template,
  • The date and time of the next run,
  • The trigger description,
  • The tags,
  • The buttons to enable/disable a job or remove it.

Create a Scheduled Job

Create a Scheduled Job

The following procedure explains how to create a scheduled job:

  1. Click on the Add Job button under the job list,
  2. The creation panel appears,
  3. Type a report name and select tags,
  4. Select a scenario and subscription,
  5. Configure a cron trigger,
  6. Click on Save.

Enabled/Disable a Scheduled Job

To enable/disable a scheduled job, simply click on the checkbox under the Enabled column in the jobs list.

Remove a Scheduled Job

To remove a scheduled job click on the trash icon in the jobs list and confirm the operation when a dialog pops in.

Scheduled Runs List

The scheduled runs table displays a list of test executions for the currently selected Job.

Scheduled Runs List

For each scheduled run, the list displays:

  • The status,
  • The creation date,
  • The duration,
  • The stack trace in case of error,
  • A magnifier button to open the associated test report.