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Random Container Action

The random container plays a random child action on each iteration. If you want to use it to replay several different subsets of requests, it's best to use normal containers inside a random container.

A common use case is when replaying different types of search and you want to have a response time for each. If you just put everything in one container and made the search dynamic, you would only get one averaged response time for all of them. Using containers within a random container you can get a response time for each type of search.

For instance here we see the results of using a random container:

Random container

Of course the more hits you make, the closest to 33/33/33 the repartition will be.

Parameter name Description Required
Name Descriptive name for this container which is indicated in the bench report. The name is not required, but it is a good habit to name your containers so that you can differentiate them in your bench reports. No